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Meat Tray
Truckload Meat Sale

Every month we have a truckload meat sale - a great way to save money while stocking up on quality meats! Typically our truckload sales are held on a designated Thursday and Friday of the month. We have a special selection, in addition to the truckload sale items, that feature meat items that are available by pre-order only. Pre-orders are due by the Wednesday of the Truckload week. Pre-orders (as well as regular Truckload orders) can be emailed, called in, or filled out in store. Follow us on Facebook or check out our flyer (available in-store) for our Truckload sale dates and offerings!

Truckload Meat Orders

Email Your Order to Us!

Please Include:

1) Items and Quantity you wish to order

2) Name, Address, Phone Number

3) Pick Up Time and Date

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