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Newberry To-Go




How to place an order:

1)Open tab on website labeled Order form

2) Print order form

3) Once filled out, scan and EMAIL-

NEEDED information on email:

  1. Full Name

  2. Reachable Phone #- For Questions and CC# payment

  3.  Minimum 5 unique Items-up to 30 unique items you wish to purchase (Quantities of each unique item- subject to limits/availability

  4. Orders must be received no later than 10am on Program Day


Pick-up Groceries Same Day between 1-3 pm- curbside. (call store when your in parking lot and we will deliver to your car.

LIMITED phone order option

for those who CANNOT email- 7am-9am of SAME Day of Program



Special NOTES:

 1. Food Stamps not accepted by phone payment

 2.No coupons, returns, or refunds 

 3.Credit Card Payments Only

 4. ALCOHOL can be purchased-Legal identification at Curbside is REQUIRED BEFORE releasing groceries.

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